[maemo-developers] No subject

Date: Fri Jan 8 12:29:56 EET 2010
(either once uploaded, or for e.g. some Sony camcorder with a built-in GPS),
so adding support for geocoded videos would be nice.

I can also envision other files adding geocoding metadata about themselves
to the tracker database, even if the file itself doesn't support internal
geocoding metadata (is that possible, I guess it should be?) so adding a
geotag field (or fields I hope for name and lat/lon) would be a nice, cool
and future proof thing to do (but yeah it will waste some space for files
that don't use it, but probably not much, though I've not looked at the db
so I don't know for sure).

Anyway I think it's a shame we don't make more use of our geo-information
and the ability to enable it in general on the N900 - the IM app doesn't
report actual location data which is a real shame (and hence my interest in
using Google's Latitude instead), contacts can contain addresses but not
more accurate lat/lon, etc.



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