[maemo-developers] Unified map tile storage

From: Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Date: Sat Jan 9 13:47:24 EET 2010

can i force it to optify the remaining stuff, anyway?  I consider
optification to be so ugly that i rather have the script doing
something nasty than spending even more time with it myself.


Am Samstag 09 Januar 2010 schrieb Andrew Flegg:
> On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 08:49, Till Harbaum / Lists <lists at harbaum.org> wrote:
> >
> > hmm, i added a debian/optify with content "auto" to exactly that version.
> > But the resulting binary is still in /usr/bin. I am confused ...
> "auto" will only optify the package if certain criteria are met. One
> of these (the key one in fact) is whether it's already optified. This
> is important for when "auto" becomes the default.
> Since you've got stuff in /opt/maep, maemo-optify-deb will not do any
> further optification, as it considers that you're aware of
> optification and done it yourself.
> HTH,
> Andrew

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