[maemo-developers] oFono

From: Aki Niemi aki.niemi at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 11 13:27:06 EET 2010
ma, 2010-01-11 kello 08:38 +0100, Denis-Courmont Remi (Nokia-D/Helsinki)
> On Saturday 09 January 2010 08:40:29 ext Qole, you wrote:
> > So wait, you're saying we now have a fully open source telephony stack on
> >  the N900 that works to make phone calls?
> Well not exactly.

But I'd say not far from it either.

> First, oFono is signaling middleware; it does not, and never will include its 
> own user interface.

The call UI in Maemo5 uses Telepathy, which is open. So all we need is a
Telepathy connection manager that uses oFono's D-Bus API.

> Second, certain things are still to be implemented, such as GPRS (working on 
> it).

I'm looking forward to the patches. ;)

> Last, some stuff might not be do-able, due to interference with the existing 
> N900 cellular stack. SMS reception is one known case (and SMS sending fails 
> too as a side effect).

Yeah, SMS and CBS reception are a bit tricky. There can only be a single
recipient active at a time on the application processor side. Hence,
bootstrapping in the SMS and CBS drivers will fail on the N900 if the
default telephony stack is running.

You can of course disable the default SMS handler, but then SMSs will no
longer be received on the UI, as we're missing that oFono connection
manager to Telepathy.

Also, the default stack on N900 has some further features related to SMS
that are currently missing from oFono. Those features will eventually be
added there, too.

All and all, oFono should be considered alpha level on Maemo5 at this

> Audio path has not been investigated, but likely would 
> fail too.

Right, there is a piece missing in isimodem that sets up the audio path.
Currently it's not a big deal, as the default stack will shadow the
signaling initiated by oFono and do the Right Thing.


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