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From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Jan 20 13:20:18 EET 2010
Hi Aki,

It looks like your submission has been accepted. I will confirm 100%
today or tomorrow.


Aki Niemi wrote:
> ma, 2010-01-11 kello 08:38 +0100, Denis-Courmont Remi (Nokia-D/Helsinki)
> kirjoitti:
>> On Saturday 09 January 2010 08:40:29 ext Qole, you wrote:
>>> So wait, you're saying we now have a fully open source telephony stack on
>>>  the N900 that works to make phone calls?
>> Well not exactly.
> But I'd say not far from it either.
>> First, oFono is signaling middleware; it does not, and never will include its 
>> own user interface.
> The call UI in Maemo5 uses Telepathy, which is open. So all we need is a
> Telepathy connection manager that uses oFono's D-Bus API.
>> Second, certain things are still to be implemented, such as GPRS (working on 
>> it).
> I'm looking forward to the patches. ;)
>> Last, some stuff might not be do-able, due to interference with the existing 
>> N900 cellular stack. SMS reception is one known case (and SMS sending fails 
>> too as a side effect).
> Yeah, SMS and CBS reception are a bit tricky. There can only be a single
> recipient active at a time on the application processor side. Hence,
> bootstrapping in the SMS and CBS drivers will fail on the N900 if the
> default telephony stack is running.
> You can of course disable the default SMS handler, but then SMSs will no
> longer be received on the UI, as we're missing that oFono connection
> manager to Telepathy.
> Also, the default stack on N900 has some further features related to SMS
> that are currently missing from oFono. Those features will eventually be
> added there, too.
> All and all, oFono should be considered alpha level on Maemo5 at this
> point.
>> Audio path has not been investigated, but likely would 
>> fail too.
> Right, there is a piece missing in isimodem that sets up the audio path.
> Currently it's not a big deal, as the default stack will shadow the
> signaling initiated by oFono and do the Right Thing.
> Cheers,
> Aki
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