[maemo-developers] Proper location of "Kernel" modules

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Tue Jan 19 05:19:15 EET 2010
	Over the last week or so, I've uploaded three different Kernel
Modules; Cifs, NTFS, and NLS_UTF8.   I had stuck them in the proper user/*
categories but was questioning if I should (Cifs, should be a prereq of
Wizard Mounter, so it won't have to be "found" by a end user to install it).

	But the other two are modules that are only rarely asked for (NTFS -
Ability to access Windows NT File Systems, and NLS_UTF8 is used by file
drivers for UTF8 support).  

     Should they be put in a real user/* category to be easily found and
installed or should they be basically hidden so only "experts" who run
apt-get can get it?   What do you all think?

	I also could put NLS_UTF8 as a pre-req of Cifs, but it is only
required if you want to use UTF8 volume mounting, otherwise it isn't needed
or loaded.
	I also could put NTFS as a pre-req of TrueCrypt, since off the top
of my head it is the only item currently that can need access to NTFS


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