[maemo-developers] Proper location of "Kernel" modules

From: Martin Grimme martin.grimme at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 19 09:40:56 EET 2010

it sounds like that the NTFS and UTF-8 are optional dependencies for
I would put them into a non-user category and provide a meta-package
depending on these visible in the user/* category. The meta-package
could be named something like "NTFS support for Wizardmounter and
TrueCrypt". IMHO there's no point in advising it as global NTFS
support for the N900 as other applications cannot make use of it by

Just my 2¢.


2010/1/19, Nathan Anderson <nathan at andersonsplace.net>:
> 	Over the last week or so, I've uploaded three different Kernel
> Modules; Cifs, NTFS, and NLS_UTF8.   I had stuck them in the proper user/*
> categories but was questioning if I should (Cifs, should be a prereq of
> Wizard Mounter, so it won't have to be "found" by a end user to install it).
> 	But the other two are modules that are only rarely asked for (NTFS -
> Ability to access Windows NT File Systems, and NLS_UTF8 is used by file
> drivers for UTF8 support).
>      Should they be put in a real user/* category to be easily found and
> installed or should they be basically hidden so only "experts" who run
> apt-get can get it?   What do you all think?
> 	I also could put NLS_UTF8 as a pre-req of Cifs, but it is only
> required if you want to use UTF8 volume mounting, otherwise it isn't needed
> or loaded.
> 	I also could put NTFS as a pre-req of TrueCrypt, since off the top
> of my head it is the only item currently that can need access to NTFS
> volumes.
> Nathan
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