[maemo-developers] How to destroy your community

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Thu Jan 21 00:01:58 EET 2010

	>>Okay, so it's knives out is it? Fine. I have flame retardant
underwear. :-)<<

	I think you just lost the battle; knives against flame retardant
underwear; the knife wins.  ;-D   

>>I know you want things to work smoothly, we all do. Believe me, the admins
are working their butts off to make it so, they work long days and have been
checking in on weekends too. I still see no reason for any personal attacks,
it is not necessary. <<

	I don't recall seeing any personal attacks (but then my wife says I
don't read between the lines very well either), in fact I've tried to make
sure that I put in my messages that I realize you are all working probably
long and hard.  I do realize you are working hard, and we are where we are
because none of this was discussed before.  And some flaming is coming
because there is no pre-emptive communication.  

	So maybe you should ask for additional help.  I can manage servers;
everything from install to actual programming; both Linux and Windows
servers, and I've played with BSD, and a couple other *nix's.    Jeff
apparently has some skills in this area also.  Tap the community, it is
supposed to be community servers.  ;-D

>>	3. Whatever ISP is chosen to host the site should feel like a
stakeholder in the success of the maemo community. They should feel
motivated for things to work 24/7. <<

	Actually, the problem is that this isp must be very small; which
then means they are not well staffed.  They really don't have to be "part"
of the community.  They just have to offer the services to make sure the
community isn't going to suffer on failures.     At this point, the
unability to fix a nfs point over the weekend does not inspire any sort of
confidence that they will be able to fix anything major.

	My recommendation is more a move to a Teir 1 or 2 class host, not
some two bit host.    I'm a two bit host on my personal projects (its only
me), but the facility I host my servers through is a Tier 1.   I'm notified
of all issues on all my servers (multiple ways).  My uptime is somewhere
close to 99.99999% on all the servers, and pretty much any downtime is self
inflicted.  ;-)    I have to imagine that Nokia is probably spending a lot
more than what I do for my servers, since I'm cheap!   Not meant as an
attack, but, why aren't we in a tier 1/2 facility?

>>4. The community should be allowed to help with the infrastructure.
Perhaps some services should be entirely released to the community? Or maybe
start using community resources like the SuSE OBS? 
5. Greater communication and transparency from the maemo staff. <<


>>If I have missed anything I am sure you'll let me know, in no uncertain
terms. ;)<<

	Lol, watch the knives come....  To bad your wearing flame resistant
underwear.....  I'd rather have the armor in a knife fight.  ;-D


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