[maemo-developers] How to destroy your community

From: ed at okerson.com ed at okerson.com
Date: Thu Jan 21 02:25:00 EET 2010
On Wed, January 20, 2010 3:54 pm Jeff Moe wrote:

> Definitely. /me takes third swing: and just who is this ISP right now? I
> know akamai is in the picture, but apparently someone else is hosting the
> main part (e.g. the NFS/SAN ISP). I wouldn't even go as far as say they
> should be a "stakeholder", they just need to provide industry standard
> quality. Any ISP that isn't "motivated" 24/7 should be dropped. I think
> one extended outage of the nature we saw over the weekend is enough even
> (e.g. the hunt for a new ISP should begin immediately).

Not really that hard to figure out:

(abbreviated cut and paste)
$ dig www.maemo.org

www.maemo.org.          41354   IN      CNAME   maemo.org.
maemo.org.              42736   IN      A
$ whois

inetnum: -
netname:        FI-BILIA
descr:          Logica Finland Oy / Datacentre services
country:        FI
role:           Logica Finland Hostmaster
remarks:        Logica Finland Oy LIR role
address:        Logica Finland Oy
address:        P.O.BOX 38
address:        FIN-00381 Helsinki
phone:          +35810302010

(Wild ass guess follows)

$ whois logica.fi
domain:   logica.fi
descr:    Logica Suomi oy
descr:    03575029
address:  Hannu Honkala
address:  Karvaamokuja 2
address:  00380
address:  HELSINKI
phone:    +358 10-302010

(phone numbers match, damn my guesses are good).

Open web browser and go to http://www.logica.fi/ pick the flag in the
upper right corner and choose a country you can read the language of.

Ed Okerson

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