[maemo-developers] Keeping up with the autobuilder

From: Glen Ditchfield gjditchfield at acm.org
Date: Fri Jan 22 03:10:02 EET 2010
Niels Breet wrote:
> If you subscribe to the extras-cauldron-builds list, you could see that
> there was a package severely stuck.

The list is also available as a newsgroup, 
gmane.comp.handhelds.maemo.extras-cauldron.builds, from the news server at 
news.gmane.org, with a blog page at 
and an RSS feed at
I find it quite handy to view the feed through Akregator; the subject lines 
tell me what is (or isn't!) happening, and the mail messages don't fill my 
mailbox.  When the feed showed simplenotewidget being built every two 
minutes, I knew someone was going to have an interesting morning.

Several other maemo mailing lists are also available through gmane.

Would it be useful to put this information on maemo.org's mailing list 
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