[maemo-developers] Keeping up with the autobuilder

From: Tuomo Tanskanen tumi at tumi.fi
Date: Fri Jan 22 05:57:41 EET 2010

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> Niels Breet wrote:
> > If you subscribe to the extras-cauldron-builds list, you could see that
> > there was a package severely stuck.
> The list is also available as a newsgroup, 
> gmane.comp.handhelds.maemo.extras-cauldron.builds, from the news server at 
> news.gmane.org, with a blog page at 
>       http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.maemo.extras-cauldron.builds
> and an RSS feed at
>       http://rss.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.maemo.extras-cauldron.builds
> I find it quite handy to view the feed through Akregator; the subject lines 
> tell me what is (or isn't!) happening, and the mail messages don't fill my 
> mailbox.   When the feed showed simplenotewidget being built every two 
> minutes, I knew someone was going to have an interesting morning.

Thanks, this is among the list of things I've been missing lately!

> Several other maemo mailing lists are also available through gmane.
> Would it be useful to put this information on maemo.org's mailing list 
> pages?

I second this.

Cheers, Tuomo
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