[maemo-users] [maemo-users] first impressions

From: Alex Lee alee at vcentertainment.com
Date: Mon Nov 14 20:28:17 EET 2005
I know a lot of people have been posting 1st impressions but I thought
I'd add my thoughts too.
As a developer I'm very impressed with the device. The power management
is second to none and I like the overall user experience. It feels
natural and fairly responsive. Browsing is truly impressive. Way better
than my thousand dollar jasjar.
email is a bit of a let down. My imap account feels sluggish. My on
device mail database has become corrupt twice since last Thursday. 
To remove the imap account and start again, you have to load 'inbox'.
however when inbox starts up it attempts send-receive and the mail
program would crash. I had to offline-mode to delete the account.  I
also think there maybe a bug in the account input stage. sometimes it
just seems to fail for me (I think it's something to do with the domain,
my username is of the form  'domain\username'.

For such a connected device I feel that the Bluetooth implementation is
a little strangled. I'd really like to see better obex support. I want
to be able to BT a vcard. I don't want to drop to an xterm to do it!
samba would be super-useful too.
I'm also interested in the distinct lack of 'wake-up' features. I'm
praying someone writes an alarm clock app soon! Some old screenshots
showed an 'alarm bell' icon in the top title bar, where did it go?
I think my development tinkering will venture into the networking side
of things. If I could readily stream video/music/files from my pc that
would be a big bonus for the device. currently it's close, but not quite
there, to replace my pocketpc.
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