[maemo-users] [maemo-users] using maemo mailing lists

From: Toni Willberg toni.willberg at movial.fi
Date: Tue Nov 15 09:54:42 EET 2005

It seems that many people are confused about which list to mail to.

IMHO the lists should be used as follows:

   - "how to ..."
   - "I found a bug in ..."
   - "I think QT rocks..."
   - "where to ..."
   - issues about porting new applications
   - how to use Scratchbox (this belongs to scratchbox-users actually, 
but anyway)
   - any topic which is not about developing Maemo itself

   - only mails about developing Maemo itself. If you are not sure, then 
you are mailing to wrong list. :)

I'm not an authority over Maemo lists, but I'd like to see conversation 
about this topic, and eventually it would be nice if most of the mails 
would go to the correct list...

- Toni

ps. reply to maemo-users list to keep the thread solid

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