[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: [maemo-developers] using maemo mailing lists

From: Simon Budig simon at budig.de
Date: Tue Nov 15 12:33:59 EET 2005
Toni Willberg (toni.willberg at movial.fi) wrote:
> Hi.
> It seems that many people are confused about which list to mail to.
> IMHO the lists should be used as follows:
>  maemo-users:
>   - "how to ..."
>   - "I found a bug in ..."
>   - "I think QT rocks..."
>   - "where to ..."
>   - issues about porting new applications
>   - how to use Scratchbox (this belongs to scratchbox-users actually, 
> but anyway)
>   - any topic which is not about developing Maemo itself
>  maemo-developers:
>   - only mails about developing Maemo itself. If you are not sure, then 
> you are mailing to wrong list. :)
> I'm not an authority over Maemo lists, but I'd like to see conversation 
> about this topic, and eventually it would be nice if most of the mails 
> would go to the correct list...

Traditionally the -users and -developers mailinglists for various
projects separate between people not diving into code (-users) and
people diving into the code (-developers). For e.g. Gimp this means that
third party plugin developers should show up on gimp-developers.

>From that point of view I have not yet really seen "wrong" traffic on
maemo-developers. From your list above I'd think that "I found a bug
in", "issues about porting" and even how to use the scratchbox (as it is
distributed by maemo.org) would be perfect on maemo-developers.
Discussing QT on *users would seem inappropriate to me - I don't want to
have gimp-users discuss about a switch to QT...

Despite the fact that I don't share your classification of -users vs.
-developers (I don't want to discuss my porting problems with people
having trouble using the browser or have trouble using the notes
application - which is what "-users" probably wrongly implies to me) I
think it is hard to separate porting problems from maemo development.

For example: An application does not show up in the task switcher. This
is something that is the first major stumbling block in porting an
application. So there is some magic involved to get this icon there.
This is something that is connected with the design of *something* on
the maemo platform and IMHO frankly a design issue. Every desktop on
linux can show window lists that are independant of the toolkit used.
There is a common way to associate icons to windows. Maemo does not and
it is unclear what you have to do to get an icon in the task switcher
(except that we know that using an hildon appview helps, but this is not
always an option). Is this really a porting issue?

Also I think part of the confusion is, that a lot of people (me included)
don't really know what the various labels do mean. There may be a shared
meaning between Nokia and the companies that work on the project for a
long time, but for me it is hard to draw a line between hildon and osso,
maemo and the Nokia proprietary apps, osso and gconf/dbus etc. pp. (Ok,
I know about gconf and dbus, but I don't know if osso is just a
convenience layer above them or what it provides more).

>From your mail it seems that I have subscribed to the wrong mailinglist,
but if this is the case I think you should ponder about the labels you
use. Maybe maemo-core-devel would convey better what you think of

> ps. reply to maemo-users list to keep the thread solid

Not subscribed to, trying anyway.

              simon at budig.de              http://simon.budig.de/

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