[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problem with Opera?

From: Roger Sperberg rsperberg at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 21 17:20:16 EET 2005
I've noticed a problem with Opera on the Nokia 770.

When I navigate to <a href="
the Washington Post comics page showing the current version of Mutts by
Patrick McDonnell, I get a box saying "Content Currently Unavailable / No
referrer". This is true of certain other strips on the same page, including
Baby Blues, The Piranha Club, Zits and Sally Forth, all of them syndicated
by King Features. Other comics display properly.

Navigating to the same page in Opera running on Windows XP shows all the
strips, no problem.

Anyone know why the Opera on the 770 is unable to display these gifs? (Other
gifs on the page do, of course, display properly.) What's it missing? Is
King Features expecting something Opera isn't providing?

Roger Sperberg

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