[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Opera .ini customizations

From: David Briggs dbriggs at Goprolink.com
Date: Mon Nov 21 18:59:23 EET 2005
The first day I received the device I put these customizations in my
~/.opera/input.ini file:

F7 = Scroll up
F8 = Scroll down

I believe F7 is -Zoom and F8 is +Zoom.  I really don't change the zoom
level that much, and if I need to, it's always available from the menu.

My only issue is that the zoom buttons do not key repeat (holding the
button down does the same as pressing the button once).  If anyone knows
how to enable this for these keys, please let me know.


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I found I can modify /home/oser/.opera/input.ini to change some keyboard

shortcuts. My favorites are:
Down=Page down
Up=Page up
to have page up/down working as expected. I lose jumping between links 
which I hardly use. I also changed Left,Right to Navigate up,down to 
have links jumping partly working but sometimes it really doesn't work 
when links are on same line. Is there something like Navigation 
next/previous  (both not working) to skip to next previous/link of page?

Anyone has other tips? I'd like to disable page scrolling/moving by 
stylus to get clipboard selection working, is this possible?


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