[maemo-users] [maemo-users] recommended tool workflow?

From: Helge Hess helge.hess at opengroupware.org
Date: Tue Nov 22 03:39:01 EET 2005

I wonder how people develop with Maemo in practice. As far as I can  
see three separate environments are required as well as constant  
switching between them:
a) the host platform
b) scratchbox configured for ix86 for development builds / test
c) scratchbox configured for arm for deployment builds

Fortunately scratchbox allows to access its filesystem from the host,  
so one isn't required to copy any sources back and forth.

How I work right now is
0) I /scratchbox/login and start Xephir in one shell, then the platform
1) I edit and svn the sources in Xemacs on the host platform
2) for compilation I switch to another terminal running /scratchbox/ 
3) I start the app
-) back to 1)
To finally generate N770 packages, I would further need:
4) reconfigure my scratchbox for Arm
5) build the package
6) reconfigure my scratchbox for ix86
-) back to 1)

Now all this isn't too bad but still quite an annoyance so I wonder  
whether people have some tricks to reduce the switching.


a) is it possible to avoid the switch in step 2) and build from  
inside Xemacs
    (using the compile function) on the host platform? Eg using ssh  
or some other
    host-platform command to trigger make or gcc inside the scratchbox?
    Or maybe its somehow trivial to install/call Xemacs/svn from  
inside scratchbox
    so that one isn't required to work on the host at all?

b) Is there some trick to make 4-6 unnecessary? Eg using a different  
    user configured for Arm instead of constantly switching the  
scratchbox build


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