[maemo-users] [maemo-users] GPE-Calendar for maemo

From: Florian Boor florian.boor at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Wed Nov 30 18:05:09 EET 2005

i just released GPE-Calendar 0.66 for Maemo. You can find information about the
project and the developers here: http://oss.kernelconcepts.de/maemo/calendar.shtml

In addition to the GPE-Todo and GPE-Contacts packages were updated too. The new
releases of these fix some minor bugs.

To install the application(s) you should use this website:
You will find all necessary packages there.

The GPE-Calendar for Maemo is almost identical to the official GPE-Calendar 0.66
release and Maemo support is completely integrated in the upstream development.
The packages are built with the Maemo SDK 1.1rc7. The sources can be found at

Many thanks to the rest of the GPE-Calendar developers! These are:
Joseph J. McCarthy
Philip Blundell
Luca De Cicco
and Matthias Steinbauer who started the Maemo port.

Bugreports are welcome - please use handhelds.org bugzilla and assign bugs to me
(florian.boor at kernelconcepts.de).




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