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From: Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente jsmanrique at gmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 30 19:48:50 EET 2005
Great! Thank you very much!

I've installed it on my device (version 2005.45-8) and it works. Maybe
someone will develop a desktop applet that would work like Today app
works in WindowsCE, perhaps taking some code from gpe-today ;)

Just a question. The app name appears localized in my device, but the
rest of menus of GPE apps doesn't, am I doing something wrong?

Again, thank you very much,

2005/11/30, Florian Boor <florian.boor at kernelconcepts.de>:
> Hello,
> i just released GPE-Calendar 0.66 for Maemo. You can find information about the
> project and the developers here: http://oss.kernelconcepts.de/maemo/calendar.shtml
> In addition to the GPE-Todo and GPE-Contacts packages were updated too. The new
> releases of these fix some minor bugs.
> To install the application(s) you should use this website:
> http://oss.kernelconcepts.de/maemo/app-install.shtml
> You will find all necessary packages there.
> The GPE-Calendar for Maemo is almost identical to the official GPE-Calendar 0.66
> release and Maemo support is completely integrated in the upstream development.
> The packages are built with the Maemo SDK 1.1rc7. The sources can be found at
> http://downloads.kernelconcepts.de/maemo/src/.
> Many thanks to the rest of the GPE-Calendar developers! These are:
> Joseph J. McCarthy
> Philip Blundell
> Luca De Cicco
> and Matthias Steinbauer who started the Maemo port.
> Bugreports are welcome - please use handhelds.org bugzilla and assign bugs to me
> (florian.boor at kernelconcepts.de).
> Enjoy!
> Greetings
> Florian
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