[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Quick review of the Nokia 770

From: Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at gmx.net
Date: Wed Mar 22 00:48:52 EET 2006

Am Sonntag, den 19.03.2006, 23:05 +0100 schrieb Lionel Dricot (aka
> Little story
> Today, I was in a shop, in the queue. There was a lot of people in
> front of me. 10 minutes to wait, at least. Fortunatly, there was an
> open Wifi not far. So, I spent the whole queue reading
> planet.gnome.org. How have I lived so long without my lovely Nokia 770
> ?
> End
> So, after only two days with my 770, I've written this quick'n dirty
> review. It might be of interest for some of you :
> http://wiki.frimouvy.org/Nokia770  (wiki, feel free to edit)

Comments about the wiki page:

> **Suggestion : make the hardware home key acts as a shift key when in
keyboarding mode**

Having strange second uses for well-defined hardware keys doesn't sound
like a good idea. What about putting the dot on the same mode (side) as
the numbers instead ;)

> A lot of people have complained about memory on this device. 

Yeah I never quite got that... just what the heck are they _doing_ with
their device? Storing a database management system on it or what? 
As someone being in the computer field for far too long (when 64KB ram
were much and 500KB floppy was huge - note the K :)), let me say that if
64MB+64MB of backing store and 64MB of ram aren't enough, please tell me
just what are you using it for? I'm curious, it's not just a rhetoric
question :)

> I like very much the current idea with left panel, top panel-window
bar. It works and I think we should port this idea to our average
desktop. I simply wish I could customize the left panel and the menu.
For now, all installed programs are in the same submenu. I wish I could
access GPE-calendar quickier than Scummvm...

I agree that the submenu where the application entry is put into should
be freely choosable by the packager (who best sticks to the desktop file
standard for the actual category names he uses, of course :)).

> Why can't I have access to the MMC card when USB is plugged ?

You (actually your PC) _has_ access to the MMC card, I thought that was
the whole point (apart from for flashing)

> Why can't I have access to the system memory ? 

As in RAM? or as in user-useable flash? I guess the latter uses a
filesystem type MsWindows does't know (if you use that, just guessing
here) - not that I tried, actually I'd just scp it over the net and
spare myself all the work of plugging
usb/mounting/copying/unmounting/unplugging :)

> The web browser sometimes crashes... Not too often but it happens more
than it should be.

Really? it never crashed for me, however half of the time I can't add
bookmarks o_O

> The whole email reader is simple and efficient. It just takes too long
to start and why the hell does it sort mail in chronological order
*BEFORE* sorting them in anti-chronological order like I want ?  It
would be better to simply load, at first, the last twenty emails so I
can already browse them.

I don't quite follow you... you mean it doesn't scroll to the end of the
list (= newest posts) by default when app is started?

Reversing the well-known chronological order of
newer-things-are-below-older-thing to something else doesn't seem to
make sense to me (think about it, even a Terminal has newest entries at
the bottom...) 

Or did I misunderstand you?

> File type association. When I click on a ogg file, I want it to open
the ogg reader. When I click on a pdb file, I want it to open FBreader.
It doesn't have to be automatic. I can specify it the first time. But,
at the moment, I only have a very frustrating "cannot open this file"

That has been a mess in the whole open source world... I finally see a
light at the end of the tunnel as how to store those things internally
is being standardized somewhat (sigh...).

> I hope to seen soon the ogg player and the mp3 one merged. 

yeah, that is: ogg played by gstreamer and mp3 played by gstreamer as
well :)

> And why not also the video player ? Mini-totem anyone ?

What do video and audio players have in common (from a users point of
view, not the developers point of view)? 

I do expect many _more_ things from an audio player than from a video
player, the reason being the sheer number of audio files I have and the
few video files in comparison, namely:
- seaching in tags (!)
- categories by artist/album/year/...
- editing tags, maybe (though by now my audio tags have been fixed, but
have to think of the new users :))
- maybe playlists/shuffle

(does anyone else find it strange that bought music CDs don't have CD
Text on them so you actually have to edit every single one of them to
tag them properly?)

On the other hand I don't care about those things in a video player at
all, all that has to be able to do is play the video :), seek, maximize,
and close. No playlists, not even file>open, actually. Others may see
that differently :)

> Is there a site where I can download 770-compatibles videos ? 

I thought 3gpp video sites worked, but a quick try showed them not to
work... weird, I could have sworn they worked before... must be one of
those weird days :)

> And how can I encode my own videos in a 770 readable format ?

I tried getting the streaming video stuff to work... see

It's a mess... I even tried to change the realproducer source to support
reading from pipes so I can actually realistically recode a video to
real format (read: without gigabytes of temp space for the
_uncompressed_ video), but they seek all over the place (which doesn't
work with a pipe)...

So I plotted to scale down the original video down to nokia-playable
resolution while uncompressing it (with mencoder) instead, save that to
a file, and have realencoder read from that.
The reason was that a nokia-playable resolution uncompressed video isn't
all that big... I have that amount of temp space at all times, probably.

Sure enough, RealProducer crashed instantly when being fed the
scaled-down video. What is Real thinking, anyways?

And try reading the Helix Producer source, or building it, for that
matter... what _is_ that? Doesn't look like usual autotooled source at
all (which is a bad thing - that makes the learning curve huge).

I say all that in the hope that someone affiliated with real/helix reads
that and helps me by removing all the seeks in the realproducer parts :)

Can we please support a normal format in the streaming video player as
well? Like MPEG2 or something?

> Voice recorder: Still missing. I hope to see something so I can record
my ideas in speex or ogg format. It would be damned cool as the 770
already has a microphone.

Really? might be something I'd like to try hack on... any details? can a
normal OSS dsp be used to read from it? :)

I remember a talk on maemo-developers that involved an external mike
faintly, but nothing much about the internal one ...

> Terminal: Cannot live without it. The annoying bit is that the custom
applications are not in the $PATH. that's really annoying.

Tommi Komulainen hinted at FOSDEM 2006 that /var/lib/install will be
gotten rid of soon :) there is hope...

> Shall I install dropbear or openssh ? Which one is better ? It would
be cool to ssh from my PC to the 770 and vice-versa :-)

I never used dropbear before... I think I heard rumours that X
forwarding is an openssh extension only... not useful for the nokia 770
though... so I'd use dropbear because it's probably smaller (if X
forwarding support isn't in it, it should be smaller :))

Hope that helps.


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