[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Quick review of the Nokia 770

From: Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) zeploum at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 22 02:16:26 EET 2006
On 3/21/06, Danny Milosavljevic <danny.milo at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Sonntag, den 19.03.2006, 23:05 +0100 schrieb Lionel Dricot (aka
> Ploum):
> Comments about the wiki page:
> > **Suggestion : make the hardware home key acts as a shift key when in
> keyboarding mode**
> Having strange second uses for well-defined hardware keys doesn't sound
> like a good idea. What about putting the dot on the same mode (side) as
> the numbers instead ;)

well, not as default of course. but it would be so easy and
convenient! the shift key is far left, wich is very difficult for my
right hand.

> > I like very much the current idea with left panel, top panel-window
> bar. It works and I think we should port this idea to our average
> desktop. I simply wish I could customize the left panel and the menu.
> For now, all installed programs are in the same submenu. I wish I could
> access GPE-calendar quickier than Scummvm...
> I agree that the submenu where the application entry is put into should
> be freely choosable by the packager (who best sticks to the desktop file
> standard for the actual category names he uses, of course :)).

indeed :-)

> > Why can't I have access to the MMC card when USB is plugged ?
> You (actually your PC) _has_ access to the MMC card, I thought that was
> the whole point (apart from for flashing)

but why is concurrent access not possible?

> > Why can't I have access to the system memory ?
> As in RAM? or as in user-useable flash? I guess the latter uses a
> filesystem type MsWindows does't know (if you use that, just guessing
> here) - not that I tried, actually I'd just scp it over the net and
> spare myself all the work of plugging
> usb/mounting/copying/unmounting/unplugging :)

I'm using Ubuntu only ;-) Ispeak of course about the user flash.

> > The whole email reader is simple and efficient. It just takes too long
> to start and why the hell does it sort mail in chronological order
> *BEFORE* sorting them in anti-chronological order like I want ?  It
> would be better to simply load, at first, the last twenty emails so I
> can already browse them.
> I don't quite follow you... you mean it doesn't scroll to the end of the
> list (= newest posts) by default when app is started?
> Reversing the well-known chronological order of
> newer-things-are-below-older-thing to something else doesn't seem to
> make sense to me (think about it, even a Terminal has newest entries at
> the bottom...)
> Or did I misunderstand you?

I put newer mail above (anti-chronological order). but when I start
the mail reader, he reads all mail once and display them in
chronological order before redisplaying them as I want. quite a waste
of ressources...

> > I hope to seen soon the ogg player and the mp3 one merged.
> yeah, that is: ogg played by gstreamer and mp3 played by gstreamer as
> well :)
> > And why not also the video player ? Mini-totem anyone ?
> What do video and audio players have in common (from a users point of
> view, not the developers point of view)?

> > Voice recorder: Still missing. I hope to see something so I can record
> my ideas in speex or ogg format. It would be damned cool as the 770
> already has a microphone.
> Really? might be something I'd like to try hack on... any details? can a
> normal OSS dsp be used to read from it? :)
> I remember a talk on maemo-developers that involved an external mike
> faintly, but nothing much about the internal one ...

Tommi showed it to me at FOSDEM. it's the little hole next your power
socket. I don't know nothing much than that ;-)
> > Terminal: Cannot live without it. The annoying bit is that the custom
> applications are not in the $PATH. that's really annoying.
> Tommi Komulainen hinted at FOSDEM 2006 that /var/lib/install will be
> gotten rid of soon :) there is hope...

We were in the same room then :-)  but I hadn't a 770 at this time so
I didn't understand all.
> > Shall I install dropbear or openssh ? Which one is better ? It would
> be cool to ssh from my PC to the 770 and vice-versa :-)
> I never used dropbear before... I think I heard rumours that X
> forwarding is an openssh extension only... not useful for the nokia 770
> though... so I'd use dropbear because it's probably smaller (if X
> forwarding support isn't in it, it should be smaller :))
> Hope that helps.
> cheers,
>    Danny

thanks you a lot for your long answer. very interesting. When typing
this reply, I wished there was a way to lock the virtual keyboard
open. oh, and gmail is not very 770 friendly ;-)


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