[maemo-users] mc "shell link"

From: Willie McKemie mckemie+maemo at spamcop.net
Date: Wed Apr 4 17:32:33 EEST 2007
I've just discovered that the current version of mc for the 800 has the 
ssh "shell link" filesystem!  Wonderful!  I believe that was missing 
when I put mc on my 770 last year.  On the 770, I diddled some trying 
to get nfs mounts working but did not succeed.  Bottom line: I had no 
real convenient way to move files to and from the Nokia without hooking 
up via USB.

Now, I find I can ssh into the 800, run mc, do a "shell link" mount and 
move files (audio is my immediate interest) around at will.  With a 
real display and a real keyboard.  I'm working Linux on both ends, of 

Great stuff!

I notice that Canola seems not to handle .ogg.  I wonder if there is a 
fix for that?

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