[maemo-users] claws mail program

From: JL jl.biord at free.fr
Date: Tue Apr 17 10:38:35 EEST 2007

> Morning one and all,
> I installed the CLAWS release yesterday and it seem to install
> perfectly with no error messages of missing libraris, but when i run
> it up, it does the loading screen at the top right but then nothing!
> Anything i need to do?

I have built the package and installed on my 770 with OS2007
hacker edition (I do not have a n800 ). It is possible that the
requirements are not exactly the same with a true n800.
Can you launch claws-mail in a xterm and say me the result of the
To install xterm, add a new catalog in applications manager :
Address :
http://repository.maemo.org, distribution : bora and components : free
non-free extras
In application list, install osso-xterm.

> I love my N800, but Nokia really dropped the ball by installing a
> third rate mail client on it.  I mean IMAP that can't handle
> folders!!!

Claws-mail is wrote by a developpers team and ported by me (and Colin
Leroy) to Maemo. Nokia did not do anything for that. If that does not
go, it is my fault.
But the question is why Nokia prefer write a new email client less
powerful (not usable in fact) whereas others already exist. I have
ported claws-mail to Maemo on 1 week. Nokia has developers more and
better than me. It would have ported it easily. But I do not know all,
there are perhaps other reasons. 

Jean-Luc Biord

> At any rate, i have hope!!!
> thanks
> a

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