[maemo-users] claws mail program

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Tue Apr 17 11:10:37 EEST 2007
On 4/17/07, JL <jl.biord at free.fr> wrote:
> But the question is why Nokia prefer write a new email client less
> powerful (not usable in fact) whereas others already exist. I have
> ported claws-mail to Maemo on 1 week. Nokia has developers more and
> better than me. It would have ported it easily. But I do not know all,
> there are perhaps other reasons.

osso-email is currently based on a (heavily) modified Sylpheed, but
with broken requirements like enforcing wrong-styled quoting.

Modest is a from-scratch email client based on TinyMail and Camel (the
underpinnings of Evolution). I haven't yet looked at Modest, but from
the screenshots it looks very similar to osso-email. Hopefully,
however, the broken UI requirements have been revised.

I think the problem here (from comments on maemo-developers) is that
the maxim "don't let developers set requirements or design UIs" is
only true for software the developers themselves don't use. *Everyone*
uses email, and it's amazing that good programs can be modified  so
badly with poor design decisions.



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