[maemo-users] Wikipedia on the n800

From: Mathieu Blondel mblondel at rubyforge.org
Date: Tue Aug 7 18:51:11 EEST 2007
Elvin Tan wrote:
> I'm looking to get wikipedia on my n800. I got an 8gb SDHC handy too.

I didn't test this approach myself but a possible solution to your 
problem is to run a dictd server on your device. Here are a few pointers:

Convert Wikipedia SQL dumps to the dictd database format

Dictd for maemo (server)

Maemo dict (client application)

If the fact of having to be online is not a problem for you, you can 
find a list of public servers which provide Wikipedia databases here :

All this may be overkill compared to Paul's solution though.


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