[maemo-users] Wikipedia on the n800

From: Mathieu Blondel mblondel at rubyforge.org
Date: Tue Aug 7 19:06:39 EEST 2007
Mathieu Blondel wrote:
> Elvin Tan wrote:
>> I'm looking to get wikipedia on my n800. I got an 8gb SDHC handy too.
I forgot to mention a few details.

- Each dictionary provided by a dictd server has only two files: the 
index (not compressed) and the dictionary data (can be compressed using 
gzip). That would address your concern about size and number of files.

- You can of course run a dictd server on your linux box and look up 
words from your device over your local wifi network.

- The DICT protocol is "plain text oriented" so it won't be possible to 
display pictures with that solution. On the other hand, it may be an 
advantage thanks to the reduced size if you decide to install the server 
on your device.


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