[maemo-users] Sprint's N800 with WiMAX

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Aug 9 06:36:52 EEST 2007

- Go to maemo.org
- Introduce "wimax" in the search box.

You get by default 3 results under "maemo.org documentation". But this
is not what you are asking for. 

Change the selection in the dropdown menu to "Mail Archive"

- "Results 1 - 10 of about 33 for wimax."

Enjoy the reading.  :) 

The first public mention I remember was early on January:

On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 11:22 -0700, ext Gary wrote:
> The article below mentions discussion of Sprint's WiMAX N800 "on the
> Maemo mailing list and other places" but I've not seen it here on
> 'users.' Has this been discussed already or have I been asleep at the
> wheel? Either way it's exciting news for users here in the States.
> Perhaps this will encourage some non-US 3G carriers to work with Nokia
> as well.
> -Gary
> "At the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco this week, /LinuxDevices/
> spoke with Dr. Ari Jaaksi, Nokia's director of open source. ... Jaaksi
> said the WiMAX-enabled N800 would 'most probably' include WiFi and
> Bluetooth as well. He felt that interference problems could be
> minimized, noting, 'We had the same interference with Bluetooth and WiFi
> initially, but we solved that.' ... He said the new device would likely
> get more publicity during the process of FCC approval. However, he
> declined to announce any timeframe for when that might happen, in
> deference to Sprint. Jaaksi declined to say whose WiMAX chip will go
> into the planned device. Noting that the WiMAX specifications continue
> to evolve, he said he believed the device would support Mobile WiMAX
> initially, with support for additional WiMAX variants to follow. ...
> Asked whether Nokia might also consider adding a cellular radio chip to
> its Linux-based Internet tablet in the future, Jaaksi replied, 'It's
> more a business model than a technology barrier.'"
> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS8069179684.html
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