[maemo-users] Sprint's N800 with WiMAX

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Thu Aug 9 07:45:23 EEST 2007
For use other than simple voice (gsm, 3g) a cellular chip would present
some REAL political obstacles in US of course.

Most US carriers (except Sprint) terms of service (tos) forbid anything
other than straight html and pop/imap with ssl all around. Any
streaming, voip, etc. (sigh) constitutes a violation and your contract
can be terminated along with you paying fees. Most carriers
intentionally cripple the hardware (face camera removal on Hermes for
ATT) or firmware (bt dun removal).

They are very afraid of a web experience they don't control...in part
because networks aren't where rest of world's are...and also because
they offer competing 'services' disallowing what you already should be
able to do on your "unlimited" plan.

Even a business grade account doesn't change tos...your only option for
privacy is vpn...and this may unnecessarily cripple you...and you're
still in violation of tos doing this anyways, so...

Maybe gsm could be haggled but full 3g ala evdo or hsdpa may not be
possible anytime soon. This 'quandary' makes me straddle
carriers...8525/ATT for most capable phone and ST5111/Sprint data card
for getting 'work done' while on the road.

I'd love to replace my 8525 with a device I wouldn't have to reboot 5
times/day. It's quite capable...but 20 clicks to do what s/be a click
away is getting old.

I like the direction the N800 is going in and finding more uses for it
all the time. Add an eye-loop on next model though.


Quim Gil wrote:
> Hi,
> - Go to maemo.org
> - Introduce "wimax" in the search box.
> You get by default 3 results under "maemo.org documentation". But this
> is not what you are asking for. 
> Change the selection in the dropdown menu to "Mail Archive"
> - "Results 1 - 10 of about 33 for wimax."
> Enjoy the reading.  :) 
> The first public mention I remember was early on January:
> http://www.unstrung.com/document.asp?doc_id=113890&WT.svl=news1_1
> On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 11:22 -0700, ext Gary wrote:
>> The article below mentions discussion of Sprint's WiMAX N800 "on the
>> Maemo mailing list and other places" but I've not seen it here on
>> 'users.' Has this been discussed already or have I been asleep at the
>> wheel? Either way it's exciting news for users here in the States.
>> Perhaps this will encourage some non-US 3G carriers to work with Nokia
>> as well.
>> -Gary
>> "At the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco this week, /LinuxDevices/
>> spoke with Dr. Ari Jaaksi, Nokia's director of open source. ... Jaaksi
>> said the WiMAX-enabled N800 would 'most probably' include WiFi and
>> Bluetooth as well. He felt that interference problems could be
>> minimized, noting, 'We had the same interference with Bluetooth and WiFi
>> initially, but we solved that.' ... He said the new device would likely
>> get more publicity during the process of FCC approval. However, he
>> declined to announce any timeframe for when that might happen, in
>> deference to Sprint. Jaaksi declined to say whose WiMAX chip will go
>> into the planned device. Noting that the WiMAX specifications continue
>> to evolve, he said he believed the device would support Mobile WiMAX
>> initially, with support for additional WiMAX variants to follow. ...
>> Asked whether Nokia might also consider adding a cellular radio chip to
>> its Linux-based Internet tablet in the future, Jaaksi replied, 'It's
>> more a business model than a technology barrier.'"
>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS8069179684.html
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