[maemo-users] high cpu in sh??

From: Tuukka Tolvanen tuukka.tolvanen at gmail.com
Date: Sat Aug 18 14:31:22 EEST 2007
Paul Klapperich wrote:
> The past few days i've woken to a dead battery. Tonight I noticed high
> cpu while running Pidgin. Pidgin crashed and the usage continued. It
> was a process sh owned by root , at 90-100% usage. I killed it.
> A few minutes later i loaded pidgin and the cpu platued at 100% again.
> It was sh again, so i killed it.
> I started pidgin 2x more without problems, so now I think it was just
> coincidental. Is this something being launched by cron? Where is cron
> on this anyway? Anyone know what that sh may have been doing? Top only
> displayed 'sh', nothing more.

ps or cat /proc/[pid]/cmdline will show you the command line which could 
help figure out what it's trying to do. top will also show the parent 
process id (ppid) which may tell you who launched it.


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