[maemo-users] high cpu in sh??

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Aug 20 14:41:27 EEST 2007

ext Tuukka Tolvanen wrote:
> Paul Klapperich wrote:
>> The past few days i've woken to a dead battery. Tonight I noticed high
>> cpu while running Pidgin. Pidgin crashed and the usage continued. It
>> was a process sh owned by root , at 90-100% usage. I killed it.
>> A few minutes later i loaded pidgin and the cpu platued at 100% again.
>> It was sh again, so i killed it.
>> I started pidgin 2x more without problems, so now I think it was just
>> coincidental. Is this something being launched by cron? Where is cron
>> on this anyway? Anyone know what that sh may have been doing? Top only
>> displayed 'sh', nothing more.
> ps or cat /proc/[pid]/cmdline will show you the command line which could 

Better use "tr '\0' ' ' < /proc/PID/cmdline", as NULLs show up a bit
funny on the console.

> help figure out what it's trying to do. top will also show the parent 
> process id (ppid) which may tell you who launched it.

	- Eero

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