[maemo-users] Nokia 770 Apps That Sync With Linux Apps

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Aug 21 00:18:26 EEST 2007
On Monday 20 August 2007 15:07, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > I've found info on GPE, but have not found enough to actually be able to
> > sync the data with any KDE PIM programs.  As best I can tell, it seems
> > GPE uses OpenSYNC, but I'm not sure.

OpenSync supports synchronising many devices, including GPE running on various 
systems as well as the KDE PIM applications.

> > Does anyone sync their apps on their Nokia with any Linux (and
> > preferably KDE) apps?  Are you using GPE?  If not, what is recommended?

Yes.  I do that every night, automatically.

> > I don't use a calendar or to-do list, but I would like to sync my
> > contacts and notes back and forth.  I'm looking into just using a Perl
> > program and scp to sync data.  I figure in some cases it'll be easy to
> > copy a file back and forth and change the format, but often full sync
> > features in programs take care of other issues, such as comparing what
> > has been added on both ends and making it easy to decide which one to
> > accept and, to be honest, that's just a pain to program.  If someone
> > else has done the work, I'd rather use that.

I recommend using Opensync as far as you can.   It already deals with 
important issues such as handling changes from both sides and it is in active 
development with many improvements being worked on -- so you will get the 
benefits of these improvements.

Unfortunately, GPE does not include a Notes application.  The 770 has its own 
notes application and it would be possible, in the future, to add support for 
that to gpesyncd, the GPE synchronisation interface.  But, it does not exist 
today so Opensync cannot synchronise Notes with the Internet Tablet.

What I do is I use Opensync to synchronise my KDE notes to local files (on the 
system that KDE runs on).  Then I have a script which extracts just the text 
from those files and copies it into the Notes directory on the 770.  This is, 
of course, just a one-way sync: any changes on the 770 side get discarded in 
this process (which is all I needed -- I don't change the notes on the 
tablet).  Two-way sync would require converting the notes on the tablet from 
the Nokia pseudo-html format into VNOTE format for Opensync to synchronise to 

> > Are three any guides to apps I can use that sync with KDE PIM apps?
> > (I've Googled and come up short.)  Are there recommendations for any
> > apps to use that have the sync tools built in?
> I've used GPE, OpenSync, and Evolution, but I know there are K-app sync
> plugins for OpenSync and so I'd imagine with just a little
> experimentation my instructions would apply.
> http://cleardefinition.com/page/Sync_Evolution_and_GPE_on_N800/ is the
> link (don't be fooled by the name - It should work on a 770 just as
> well).  The step you'd need to change is in "*Set up
> MultiSync-Gui/OpenSync on Desktop"*, 4. "Add Member", "Evolution 2.x".
>  From what I see on the OpenSync web page, you'd select "kdepim" there.
> (This would sync calendar, todo, and contacts, I believe - make sure
> that you choose to compile the kdepim plugin if you build OpenSync
> yourself.)

I recommend using Ryan's guide in order to synchronise contacts (and calendar 
and todo's if you used them).  I have some notes on synchronising Notes on my 
OWAsync page (http://www.cobb.uk.net/OWA/owasync.html).


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