[maemo-users] Nokia 770 Apps That Sync With Linux Apps

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Thu Aug 23 11:26:37 EEST 2007
On Monday 20 August 2007, you wrote:
> Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > I'm moving to my Nokia 770 from a Palm Tungsten C.  There's only
> > one issue I've found that is keeping me from dropping use of the
> > Palm completely: I need to sync some apps with the apps I use in
> > KDE on Linux.
> >
> > I've found info on GPE, but have not found enough to actually be
> > able to sync the data with any KDE PIM programs.  As best I can
> > tell, it seems GPE uses OpenSYNC, but I'm not sure.
> >
> > Does anyone sync their apps on their Nokia with any Linux (and
> > preferably KDE) apps?  Are you using GPE?  If not, what is
> > recommended?
> >
> > I don't use a calendar or to-do list, but I would like to sync my
> > contacts and notes back and forth.  I'm looking into just using a
> > Perl program and scp to sync data.  I figure in some cases it'll be
> > easy to copy a file back and forth and change the format, but often
> > full sync features in programs take care of other issues, such as
> > comparing what has been added on both ends and making it easy to
> > decide which one to accept and, to be honest, that's just a pain to
> > program.  If someone else has done the work, I'd rather use that.
> >
> > Are three any guides to apps I can use that sync with KDE PIM apps?
> > (I've Googled and come up short.)  Are there recommendations for
> > any apps to use that have the sync tools built in?
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Hal
> I've used GPE, OpenSync, and Evolution, but I know there are K-app
> sync plugins for OpenSync and so I'd imagine with just a little
> experimentation my instructions would apply.
> http://cleardefinition.com/page/Sync_Evolution_and_GPE_on_N800/ is
> the link (don't be fooled by the name - It should work on a 770 just
> as well).  The step you'd need to change is in "*Set up
> MultiSync-Gui/OpenSync on Desktop"*, 4. "Add Member", "Evolution
> 2.x". From what I see on the OpenSync web page, you'd select "kdepim"
> there. (This would sync calendar, todo, and contacts, I believe -
> make sure that you choose to compile the kdepim plugin if you build
> OpenSync yourself.)
> For synchronizing notes, since those are just simple files (actually
> HTML files that import great into AbiWord on the desktop for
> converting to any format you like), you might try Unison - it's kind
> of a like a two-directional "rsync", if you've heard of that.  I've
> never gotten Unison to work for me, but I've only put about 3-5
> minutes into trying
> :)  If you only want to transfer notes from 770 to desktop, following
> the steps to set up the SSH needed in my guide will get the tough
> stuff for rsync set up easily.  Then, just install rsync on both 770
> and desktop, and install Grsync (or a comparable KDE app) and sync to
> your heart's content!  (I've done this - works well.  Your documents
> are in /home/user/MyDocs/.documents/ I believe.)
> Good luck!  If you get these syncs to work out, let me know and I'll
> update my guide so that I don't leave out the KDE folks.
> Ryan

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