[maemo-users] [maemo-users] [maemo-announce] New OS 2006 firmware released

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 2 16:58:52 EET 2007

Some more private thoughts, please take them with a ton of salt...

ext Scott G Kelly wrote:
> Eero Tamminen wrote:
> <trimmed...>
>> If you accidentally remove something you would still need (which is not
>> in the Maemo repositories), you will need to reflash the device to
>> get it back though. And I guess removing or adding packages voids
>> your warrantly (because those configurations are not tested).
> Huh? Removing or adding software _voids your warranty_?

I'm definitely not a lawyer and don't know anything about this, but
doesn't warranty mean that the device works about as advertised?

If you remove software from it, it doesn't anymore work as advertised.
If you've e.g. yourself removed all functionality for playing music,
you wouldn't be legally entitled to be compensated that the device
cannot play music anymore, right?

Sounds common sense to me. :-)

> Am I naive, or does this surprise (or shock) others as well?

Also, the application installer states following:
   If the software is not obtained from Nokia, Nokia is unable to
   guarantee that the software will not harm your device and
   installation will be at your own risk. Continue anyway?

I think that in theory some software (or absense of it) is able either
to harm even your device HW or work against legal regulations in some
very exceptional circumstances.  So depending on what you do there might
be some contention about the warranty in this case too.

What wikipedia has to say about warranty:

	- Eero

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