[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Warranty void with third party software!?!?

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Sat Feb 3 03:14:06 EET 2007
PepperPad is the same way...but then again Pepper provides much more
seamless outofbox experience where user isn't as compelled to start
installing tons of extra stuff. If you mess around under the hood and
break PepperPad...you are responsible. This makes sense.

With N800 if you don't start adding tons of stuff like crazy...you
basically have an unusable product except for audio streaming and
picture viewing...people want more than this...hence they are compelled
to go install crazy.

If you "think" you know enough to tinker around under the hood and end
up breaking things...you could always reflash. Same as working under
hood of your car and you aren't a mechanic.


John P. Mitchell wrote:
> All,
>     I have gotten the impression that my warranty could now be void
> due to my installing third party non-Nokia software on my tablet. This
> can not be true, and if so, I will be looking to return my tablet. I
> purchased it purely for the freedom to develop that Linux gives me. If
> I loose my ability to recover loss due to defective hardware I will be
> quite dismayed and will probably never buy Nokia again. Someone please
> tell me promptly that this is not the case. This feels like someone
> telling me that if I remove Windows from my PC and install Linux I
> have voided my warranty, which is pure garbage.
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