[maemo-users] Application manager does not work.

From: Bob Crawford crawdad at powerclam.com
Date: Fri Feb 16 21:51:45 EET 2007
Paul Klapperich wrote:
> Since you did proceed through "apt-get -f install"--even though you
> say nothing happened--I'm a little concerned. Please use the backup
> utility and perform a backup. Then power the device off (Press the
> power button on top and choose "turn off" from the list). Once it has
> turned off, turn it back on. You should see the white Nokia logo and
> then either:
> 1) It continues to boot as normal, good.
> 2) Stays there, or the screen goes blank and it reboots.
> If number 2 happens, you'll need to reflash. We can help with that, no
> problem. You'll be glad you backed up. If number 1 happens, Good! no
> major damage. Let's figure out your other problem.
FWIW, I've had white-screens (on my 770) that would persist across
reboots, but which could be cleared by removing the battery for a few
minutes then replacing it.

Just something else to try before panicking...

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