[maemo-users] Application manager does not work.

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 19 18:55:44 EET 2007
"ext Francesc Roig-i-Feliu" <francesc.roig at impress.biz> writes:

> I have a problem with the application manager. Applications manager
> does not work. It shows a white screen but nothing inside. Any idea
> about what could be happening?

The Application Manager is unfortunately very, very brittle during
startup and if there is anything that prevents the backend
"apt-worker" process from starting up, it will deadlock.  I wanted to
do something about that since version 4.0 was released, but I have
actually only seen it deadlock in practice once, so... :/

Try running this in a terminal as "user":

  $ sudo /usr/libexec/apt-worker

You should get

  $ sudo /usr/libexec/apt-worker
  apt-worker: wrong invocation

Be sure to do this as "user", not root.  Run "su - user" if you are
root to become the "user" user.

(Note that apt-worker just needs to reach main and open some fifos to
prevent deadlock, it does not need to successfully read the apt
caches, etc.  Patches against the deadlock possibility are welcome!

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