[maemo-users] Booting from MMC as a de-bricking method

From: Paule Ecimovic paule at certrex.net
Date: Sat Feb 17 14:56:34 EET 2007
Hi, Zorane

    Great just-in-time suggestion. Do tell me more. Where are these files? 
Do I have to gainroot first to access them for rw? Is all this doable 
without flashing methods? If so, let me in on it. This sounds like a good 
in-road to sysadmin which leaves the integrity of the system in takt.



P.S. Would it be useful to develop a GUI-based sysadmin tool that gives you 
fields in a tabbed-forms interface to the relevant files, much like the 
System folder in Win-land and that of M'c OS-X.
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Subject: Re: Booting from MMC as a de-bricking method

>> > the bricking scenarios resulting from flashing a 770 to set it into R&D
>> > mode, where the 770 sometimes bricks after rebooting.
> Wouldn't it be sometimes easier to change options simply editing files by
> the hand? I.e. what to change to get usb host mode, without using flasher?
>                                         Zoran
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