[maemo-users] Booting from MMC as a de-bricking method

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Sat Feb 17 16:57:55 EET 2007
Hi Paule!

>    Great just-in-time suggestion. Do tell me more. Where are these files? 
> Do I have to gainroot first to access them for rw? Is all this doable 
> without flashing methods? If so, let me in on it. This sounds like a good 
> in-road to sysadmin which leaves the integrity of the system in takt.

Nothing to hide. "gainroot" is file to change, following wiki called "how
to become root" or something similar. Just don't forget to have space before
"#", in line that enables mode. Yes, you have to be "root". From the very
start, I think would be the best to first enable red-pill-mode, then add
repositories, then update them and then install xterm and openssh.

> P.S. Would it be useful to develop a GUI-based sysadmin tool that gives you 
> fields in a tabbed-forms interface to the relevant files, much like the 

The free space on the gadget is major reason to do things to look like 770.
GUI is "hog". I hear about 1'' hdd. If 770 has that hdd, it could fly debian
like any other box. Memory amount like 800 and all would be happy.


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