[maemo-users] n800 availability in Hungary

From: Csaba Paradi csaba.paradi at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 18 22:10:14 EET 2007
Dear All/Nokia,

Is there any way to buy N800 in Hungary with an invoice for my
Hungarian company and possibly with a Hungarian guarantee ?

I am a happy user ( unfortunately not developer because of the lack of
time ) of a Nokia 770.

I'd like to buy N800, but it is still not available in Hungary.
My 770 was bought through a friend of mine in "Europe" therefore I
couldn't get either the Hungarian guarantee or VAT reinbursment.
Buying a toy this way ( without an invoice ) is expensive, and
provides no motivation to create applications for the Hungarian

Officially Nokia Hungary has been promising the 770 availability since
April 2006, and is still not fulfilled, and they do promise the n800
too for this coming April but I have serious doubts.

I didn't find any webshop to sell this device for customers with
Hungarian credit card and shipment destination.

Maybe Ferenc can answer my question :-)

Thanks in advance,

Csaba Parádi

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