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From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 19 01:42:56 EET 2007
Thank you, Zoran. I'll try to implement your ideas. As Marius said, dynamic
dns is a good solution. I've just opened an account at dyndns site. I've
installed ddclient for my desktop pc.

Now comes the big problem. I must implement Zoran's idea to get my 770
automatically sending its IP to dyndns server.

770 gets its IP from a phone connection. This means that my phone company
changes its IP every time I connect the device to the net. I've got no
experience with scripts, but I'll do my best, and maybe it'll be the first
of a long list :)

It would be easier if there was a fine package of ddclient. But I suppose
that binaries available at dyndns are not useful for 770, am I right?

2007/2/18, Zoran Kolic <zkolic at sbb.co.yu>:
> > I've installed and run it to get easy access to my 770 via a Web
> browser.
> > The problem I've got is that every time I get an Internet connection
> (via
> > wifi or phone) my IP address changes.
> Incoming connection is rather not the cause of the change.You didn't
> mention
> how do you get addresses. If you make it via dhcp from wireless router,
> then
> the leasing time should be considerably long enough. Time is measured in
> se-
> conds, so get it high.
> > So that I've prepared a very simple
> > web page at a fixed URL. In that page I've uploaded a simple index.htmlwith
> > my new IP, and it redirects the reader to my 770 web server. The problem
> is
> > that I must update that index.html every time I connect my 770 in order
> to
> > have a correct IP address.
> You have ip problem. And looks you have two web pages, one on desktop, one
> on 770. One of them is overfluous. Take this scenario:
> you have router that gives ip address to the box that asks for it. 770
> asks
> and gets new address for every 43200 seconds or similar. You should know
> address range of that router. Fire up nmap and get the result from it.
> nmap -p 80 | pipe
> The pipe means you have to use grep or whatever you like to see the line
> with positive match. That line gives you ip address of your 770. Little
> cut command and you could get rid off un-necessary particules. All in
> pipes.
> Then use ajax to dinamicaly change the page or put it in command line,
> like
> lynx $ADDRESS
> Cron could do it a regular interval. Or your 770 has no power or memory
> and
> reboots and gets new address whenever it happens.
> > Is there any way to automate the process via a script? Could anybody
> help me
> > with the script? Is there a simpler way to achieve what I need?
> You could change the way your router sees boxen. But dhcp is fine for home
> usage.
>                                  Zoran
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