[maemo-users] What works, what doesn't work

From: Jon A. Solworth solworth at rites.uic.edu
Date: Wed Feb 21 18:22:05 EET 2007
    I've been a bit frustrated with the usefulness of  N800.  Its a 
great toy,
very cool, and I plan to use it as a development platform.  But many things
appear not to work (perhaps I just can't find the documentation for them)
and it seems to take inordinately long to determine what's happening.

    Hence, this is my first cut of what I consider core functionality 
for the n800, and their status.  Corrections welcome!  Documentation 

    WiFi: it connects up flawlessly to two different linksys routers 
running wpa2,
             but does not connect to a dlink router running wpa2.

    Networking: USB networking works only under developer root file system.
             But this means to ssh into the device, I've got to modify a 
router configuration.
             This is not always possible and in general is a PITA.

    VNC (or similar): I would like to be able to use the n800 from my 
notebook with
             its larger display and especially keyboard.  (The most 
important is the
             keyboard---I don't want to buy and carry around a bluetooth 
keyboard when I always
             have my notebook with me anyway.

    Mail: could not get the mailer to connect to dovecot IMAP server 
using SSL.  Also understand
             that it does not support folders.

    PIM: could not sync to either gpe or openned hand.  My understanding 
is that the gpe sync
             chain does not handle all the calendar type (repeating 
events) and there seem to be
             no information on how to use the dbus-based evolution for 
opened hand.  I'm using
             evolution for calendar on my notebook.  These applications 
work well on the n800,
             but without some basic sync facility are too cumbersome to use.

    Maemomapper: Very cool application, and I'll be getting a GPS to use 
it more effectively.

I'm hoping that we can expand, correct, and maintain this list so that 
core functionality works.
Right now, I don't view the n800 as a device which is suitable for 
geeks; it is cool for what it can
be, not for what it is.  Perhaps Nokia would be willing to provide some 
resources to get this stuff
working (bounties?).



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