[maemo-users] What works, what doesn't work

From: Anuj Verma (Kevin) kevin.verma at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 21 20:59:08 EET 2007
On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 10:22:05 -0600, Jon A. Solworth wrote:

> I've been a bit frustrated with the usefulness of  N800.  Its a 
> great toy,
> very cool, and I plan to use it as a development platform.  But many things
> appear not to work (perhaps I just can't find the documentation for them)
> and it seems to take inordinately long to determine what's happening.
I agree, N800 is just a toy so far, there are not much useful apps
as I thought there would be. I consider my experience with Palm Zire
was comparatively much better than N800. 

Naturally Nokia shipped this device early, it is good in lot of ways,
most of the can deliver community engineers have got their devices
recently lot of upcoming development is expected. But it seems Nokia
has to help fast it up a bit. 

I consider there were more and much better OSS apps for Palm, could
Nokia take some inspiration from them ? even design and thinking Palm

N800 can positively deliver more than Palm devices. Various types of
functions and apps need to be helped get there (views are mine, some
2cents some maybe - what I just got wrong, I address Nokia & Meamo in a

* More & more centrally accessible packages, then pushing users away in
need of adding third party/developer repositories.
* Recently flagged bluetooth mouse support
* Bluetooth headset support 
* Better News/Email apps. (tiny mail, mutt, Pan2 etc)
* OpenHand apps are decent to improve further - import options are
missing as of now
* Podcast/Videocast feed support built in Media Player will make some
* Photo/Video applications else camera is pretty useless
* Out of the box encryption protection for data on device when locked
* Un-locking & password based on key combinations of D-Pad
* Re-setting N800 is like taking up an engineering project even if its
just about plugging in the USB cable, could this be simpler ? like in
most of the mobile devices ? now if that is not an option in hardware,
could that be with some setup command ? 
* If RSS feeds needs to be added to the RSS feed reader, each and every
single entry of the imported OPML file has to be confirmed one by one,
this hurts when there are hundreds or thousands of feed entries to be
* Password management applications are very essential and should be able
to import from most popular desktop Password manager apps
* FBReader needs more engineering help or better Plucker reader should
be ported to Maemo, being an Ebook reader N800 gets more value as a
* Phone/SMS applications & sync apps are very useful to have on N800 
* Porting at-least two community web browsers makes sense (dillo & elinks)
* Java 
* Option of Icons instead of menus on desktop like on Palm for example
* Nokia must also support OpenSync for both Windows & Linux and adopt it
as a part of their OSS project, I hope they know their benefits with that.
* Nokia should also explore future of application packaging for such

> I'm hoping that we can expand, correct, and maintain this list so that
> core functionality works.
> Right now, I don't view the n800 as a device which is suitable for
> geeks; it is cool for what it can
> be, not for what it is.  Perhaps Nokia would be willing to provide some
> resources to get this stuff
> working (bounties?).
> Jon

Bounties rarely works, almost everyone can figure out why Nokia is doing
this project, but then they share common goals and desires of thousands of
Open Source enthusiastic and developers, that adds to the common benefits
of all of us. But sure we are all eager, so I request Nokia lets really
get things moving more faster before some of us start loosing interest. 

I might not be a good judge perhaps Nokia is doing things fast and best
they can as of now, and I wish every single feedback with Maemo project
increases their moral and enthusiast about this project.

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