[maemo-users] help n800 bricked by weather app

From: jerry f stutte jfstut at charter.net
Date: Tue Feb 27 02:12:21 EET 2007
Could someone offer a suggestion on how to recover from a bricked n800 
device after installing the maemo weather software found on the 
//test.maemo.org/downloads  page for the 2007.

I should have realized that the software could be problematic, being 
that I did see that it was reported several weeks ago, that others did 
have problems, in one of the other postings.  I decided to install the app
while visiting the page stated above and reading 2007 ready, I assumed 
they had fixed the problem. 

as a fix/attempt to recover
I did try using flasher-3.0 with the latest OS to recover, needless to 
say I would not be writing the current message asking for help, if the 
re-flashing with the latest OS had worked.

I read some where on the site while working on a half dozen n770's over 
the last year that it is possible to remove individual packages (apps) 
from the OS build.

However I believe that if I just flashed the latest OS on to the device 
that the weather software should not have been placed on the n800.  That 
being said some info related to the weather app must have been left 
behind, seeing that after reflashing, the n800 refused to boot to the 
new OS.


In addition to that stated above,  I have many other questions with 
respect to software, and do not understand under what forums I should 
address my questions!

some are application use questions,
some questions regard bug fixes.

I also have comments.
suggestions for feature enhancements, i.e. should I post my questions to 
the app developer or to some other public forum seeing that I do not 
want to interrupt development.

Apps I have questions about are,

OS questions in boot scripts involve n770 bootmenu program and the lack 
of ability to mount alternate partitions, despite my best effort to 
automate the mount process during boot up.  I was able to write and 
rewrite scripts for bootup prior to using boot menu.

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