[maemo-users] Accessing Kubunto Laptop from File Manager Bluetooth VFS

From: Bad Dog baddog at uniblab.com
Date: Tue Feb 27 07:47:08 EET 2007
I finally figured out this File Manager bluetooth issue.

The goal is to get the Bluetooth virtual file system that is displayed
in the File Manager app on the N800 to connect and show files on a
laptop running kubuntu dapper.

The problem is that kubuntu, at least as it was configured at startup,
does not offer nor advertise the OBEX FTP service, which is different
than the OBEX OPUSH service.  The N800 File Manager seems to only want

I couldn't find a kde program that offered this and that did this
properly, but sobexsrv came to the rescue.

You can get it from 


I grabbed the debian package, which worked fine for me.

After installing it, simply type

        sobexsrv -I -l ONPTD -s 3 -S -r /tmp/sobex -c 10 -o 

You may need to change some settings, but these worked for me.  The
command line switches used are:

        -I              Use internal mode, which is a stand-alone daemon
        -l ONTPD        Give lots of information in file browser 
        -s 3            Require authentication and encryption
                        ( use -s 1 to start out with, then try 2 and 3)
        -r /tmp/sobex   Use /tmp/sobex as the root directory
                        (Change this if you feel luck or irrationally
        -c 10           Listen on rfcomm channel 10 
                        (Leave this out to choose the lowest available
                                port automatically)
        -o              Don't run an OBEX OPUSH server, just OBEX FTP
                        (so this won't interfere with kdebluetoothd)

It runs in the background, so to stop it, run

        killall sobexsrv

It seems likely that sobexsrv might work as a helper to kdebluetoothd
using the sobexsrv external mode, but the documentation isn't very good
on that part (the scripting section of the manual isn't there yet) so
that will be explored later.


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