[maemo-users] Bluetooth mouse.

From: Francesc Roig-i-Feliu francesc.roig at impress.biz
Date: Tue Mar 6 10:15:47 EET 2007
Regarding the mouse, I've found this: 



A Dimarts 06 Març 2007, Larry Battraw va escriure:
> On 3/5/07, Francesc Roig-i-Feliu <francesc.roig at impress.biz> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Anybody knows if is possible that mameo recognizes a BT mouse?
> > Anybody has tryed it?
> No and yes :-)  The X-server Maemo uses is not capable of using a
> mouse because 1)  There is no existing option (as OS2007 is shipped)
> to tell it to look for one and 2)  Even when you point it to a mouse
> it still does not work.  Tried it this weekend and although pairing
> worked fine the X server refused to respond to the mouse, using the
> -mouse <device_path> option.
> Daniel, I note that you're the build-master and author of a lot of the
> changes for the X/kdrive server (I built it over the weekend and dug
> around in the code).  I'm still unclear on what is causing the mouse
> to not work, and how you would tell it what type of mouse is
> connected.  In hw/kdrive/linux/mouse.c I can see the code for handling
> different types of mice and it appears to be compiled into linux.a for
> linking against, since you need it for tslib.  It's unclear how much
> of linux.a is used for kdrive beyond tslib.c.  Can you give me a
> couple hints for starting work on getting a mouse functional?
> Thanks-
> Larry
> Larry 

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