[maemo-users] Coming back to Glade

From: Claudio Scordino cloud.of.andor at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 8 17:34:27 EET 2007

> El mié, 28-02-2007 a las 17:05 +0100, ext Claudio Scordino escribió:
>>    from a mail posted in August I've seen that "the glade-support has been 
>> stripped and gazpacho support is still under way.." on Maemo.
> libglade is still supported in bora release, and it is available on
> repository.maemo.org.
> Gazpacho is not currently included on the SDK release. It was using an
> old and patched version.
> The idea is to use now gazpacho upstream version plus gazpacho-hildon
> adaptors and some custom plugins to make maemo developement easy.
> My plan is to make gazpacho available on the Sardine distribution soon
> in the next weeks.
> If you want to use it on the current bora SDK you just need to install
> the whole python stack from repository.maemo.org/extras and then get
> gazpacho upstream, and then install gazpacho-hildon and
> gazpacho-maemo-plugins from garage:
> https://garage.maemo.org/projects/gazpacho-hildon/
> https://garage.maemo.org/projects/gaz-plugins/

Taken (from the svn repository using anonymous access).
But how do I install them on Scratchbox? There's no Makefile and no README...

Thanks again,


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