[maemo-users] iGo Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth Keyboard

From: Cayle Graumann cayle.graumann at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 9 01:22:20 EET 2007
I have the Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard.   The best price I
found was on Amazon.com at about half off the list price.  On the 770
it works for me with the bluetooth keyboard plugin and with the
OS2007on2006 image (So I assume it will work with the N800 as well).
I am using it in the default US keyboard layout.   I am quite happy
with it with the exception that the escape key is a chorded key
(labeled in blue on the keyboard) so that makes vi a little more
difficult than necessary.  I find it most useful when I use rdesktop
to check the servers at work.

Cayle, Missouri.

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