[maemo-users] Application installer and proxy with password

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Wed Mar 14 10:57:59 EET 2007
"ext Simon Davis" <sd_446 at yahoo.com> writes:

> Can the Application installer connect thru a proxy server that has a
> password set?

I never really tried it myself, but it should be possible, but not in
a nice way.

The Application Manager gets its proxy configuration from the
/system/http_proxy/ keys in GConf, including
/system/http_proxy/authentication_user and

The Application Manager will not ask the user for a user/password when
the proxy requires it but they have not been set in GConf.  (The
excuse for this is that we use the apt-get http method unchanged and
that method doesn't ask.)

The question is, how do you get user/password values into GConf?  I
don't know...

> I tried setting the username/password under the wifi proxy
> configuration to http://user:password@ but got the same
> error.

I am not sure what you did exactly.  You could try putting
"user:password at" into the "HTTP proxy" field in the "Advanced
settings" tab of the Connection manager "Connection setup" wizard.
Note, no "http://" prefix and no port suffix.

If this works, we should document it somewhere.

(I was hoping for a more general system-wide "Download Manager" kind
of thing that would take care of all this for the Application Manager
and other applications.)

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