[maemo-users] Application installer and proxy with password

From: Simon Davis sd_446 at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Mar 15 16:31:10 EET 2007
After following Marius' advice on setting the username and password in the advanced wifi dialog I can get the application manager to successfully refresh the application list where it had failed before.  The problem that this creates is that opera will no longer connect to any websites  -- it gives an invalid url message.
  The only solution I have to this problem is to setup two connections in the connection manager one that supplies the username/password with the connection for installing apps and another that contains no username/password for browsing the web.
  I will attempt the GConf solution tonight and post the results tomorow.

Marius Vollmer <marius.vollmer at nokia.com> wrote:
  "ext Simon Davis" writes:

> Can the Application installer connect thru a proxy server that has a
> password set?

I never really tried it myself, but it should be possible, but not in
a nice way.

The Application Manager gets its proxy configuration from the
/system/http_proxy/ keys in GConf, including
/system/http_proxy/authentication_user and

The Application Manager will not ask the user for a user/password when
the proxy requires it but they have not been set in GConf. (The
excuse for this is that we use the apt-get http method unchanged and
that method doesn't ask.)

The question is, how do you get user/password values into GConf? I
don't know...

> I tried setting the username/password under the wifi proxy
> configuration to http://user:password@ but got the same
> error.

I am not sure what you did exactly. You could try putting
"user:password at" into the "HTTP proxy" field in the "Advanced
settings" tab of the Connection manager "Connection setup" wizard.
Note, no "http://" prefix and no port suffix.

If this works, we should document it somewhere.

(I was hoping for a more general system-wide "Download Manager" kind
of thing that would take care of all this for the Application Manager
and other applications.)

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