[maemo-users] help kernel info n770 & n800

From: jerry f stutte jfstut at charter.net
Date: Wed Mar 21 05:56:18 EET 2007
maemo community,

I have been attempting to follow the latest the latest kernels 
developments, with respect to the n800 and n770.

In particular my attention is on the sdhc binary I found on,


(being I recently purchased two 8gig sdhc v4 memory cards) for my n800.

My initial naive mistake was to assume that the binary provided on the 
blog above was an install executable similar to that found on the Nokia 
down load page or the maemo.org HOWTo Flash page.

Any way I attempted to do the typical flash routine using the 
flasher-3.0 with the binary sdhc-kernel.bin

and received a message from the flasher  "Invalid FIASCO file header"

After a little more research out on the WEB I found information at,


where I looked into the README doc and found it instructing me to follow 
the instructions located on the


which brings me to the Kernel guide for maemo.

Q1    do I need to install scratchbox to configure and compile this 
particuliar binary to create a Zimage that the flash can handle.

Q2    if so, is it my understanding the point where the binary gets 
incorporated is at, "Configure and compile the kernel from sources (step 1)

Q3    is it my understanding that when downloading scratch box is to be 
installed on my local linux box and the sources compiled in scratchbox 
for the arm device in question? or is scratch box supposed to be 
installed on the n800.

I am trying to get a handle on how to go about getting the sdhc kernel 
for the n800.

I am sure you can tell by my questions that I am not familiar with using 
either scratch box.  I am a elementary skilled programmer try to become 
familiar with programming arm devices.  I hope the community will 
indulge me as I attempt to come up to speed on programming the devices.

With respect to the n770 I am running the,


on one n770 and am planning to flash the latest image approved for the 
n770 found on the maemo web site,

3.2006.49-2 <http://www.maemo.org/downloads/nokia_770> OS 2006 Edition 
version 3.2006.49-2 from maemo.org

on the second device.  Can any one tell me does the image stated above 
support the 52mhz mmc speeds.
I find it difficult to navigate the multiple blogs and sites addressing 
these questions.
Is there one spot that demonstrates the accumlative patches and bug 
fixes, that I can make better decisions when updating.  It seems I spend 
more time gathering info then actually getting any thing done.


Jerry Stutte

My question is does the kernel found under  HOWTO 
FlashLatestNokiaImageWithLinux under Flashing the Nokia 770 link,

http://www.maemo.org/downloads/nokia_770 OS 2006 Edition version 
3.2006.49-2 from maemo.org


 found on the maemo website i

Issue regarding n800

I have found two for the n800 supporting sdhc memory cards, one kernel 
is referred to as

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