[maemo-users] help kernel info n770 & n800

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Mar 21 09:40:50 EET 2007
jerry f stutte wrote:

> Q1    do I need to install scratchbox to configure and compile this 
> particuliar binary to create a Zimage that the flash can handle.

No, even if the suffix is .bin it is already flashable kernel image, use 
-k option of flasher instead of -F.

> Q3    is it my understanding that when downloading scratch box is to be 
> installed on my local linux box and the sources compiled in scratchbox 
> for the arm device in question?


> 3.2006.49-2 <http://www.maemo.org/downloads/nokia_770> OS 2006 Edition 
> version 3.2006.49-2 from maemo.org
> on the second device.  Can any one tell me does the image stated above 
> support the 52mhz mmc speeds.


I'm not sure which sources were used for your 
os2006-linux-2.6.16+ipv6+ext2+mmc2gb+mmcplus52Mhz-zImage but if it works 
on 2.2006.39 you can use it also on 3.2006.49 (and maybe miss some 
kernel fix). If you currently use it with 1.2006.26 then the image is 
not compatible and you'll get reboot loop when flashed. .26 has kernel 
2.6.16, .39 and .39 has kernel


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